For the appraisal of your property in this request, Ibertasa employs a method based on the statistical data that can be analyzed from the location of the property, as well as any relevant supporting data from all of the appraisals conducted by Ibertasa

This estimated value calculated by Ibertasa is not an official valuation, but only advisory, and thus should not be construed as referential when making any decisions. During this appraisal process, any data not provided or missing could substantially change the value generated. The process of valuation considers the location of the property and the average constructive qualities of its surroundings, but it doesn’t take into consideration the existence of any annexes attached to the property.

Ibertasa is not responsible for any decision that the property owner makes with the estimated value calculated.

Direct discount with an official valuation.

*With an online valuation or a zone valuation from Ibertasa, we will discount its cost from the total cost of your official property valuation.


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