Energy Efficiency Certificate

Since the 1st of June, 2013, the Energy Efficiency Certificate is required to sell or rent property.

 Did you know that it is a mandatory, legal requirement to register the Energy Efficiency Certificate?

The Energy Efficiency Certificate must be registered with its corresponding regional body. It is a process that the property owner or developer can perform, and depending on the province, will be conducted in person or over the internet.

  • The Energy Efficiency Certificate evaluates the energy efficiency of your property, calculating its appropriate consumption requirement.
  • The certification proposes possible upgrades to your property to improve efficiency.
  • The Energy Efficiency Certificate is required to sell or rent a property.
Energy Efficiency Certifications

IBERTASA, together with GRUPO BC, have created ASECENER. The goal of ASECENER is to become a referential entity in the Energy Efficiency Certification market. ASECENER includes the best qualities of IBERTASA and GRUPO BC.

  • ASECENER has more than 100 technicians distributed all over the country, licensed to conduct Energy Efficiency Certifications for existing buildings.
  • ASECENER has 70 different workplaces throughout Spain.
  • GRUPO BC has an integrated IT structure which allows bidirectional communication between both Ibertasa and GRUPO BC’s platforms, as well as a total management of all activities.

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